11 September 2012

February 2013

No Battle Assembly this month.  Everyone enjoy your month and stay safe.

January 2013

This will be a fairly low battle rhythm month.  We mostly have annual briefings on the training schedule.  Everyone come prepared to learn and conduct PRT.

Be safe and we'll see you in formation.

December 2012

It's the holiday season again, and we're having our annual family day activities.  The details on the party will be put out later.

We will be having an ASU/Class A uniform inspection.  Everyone needs to have their ASU's or Class A's ready to wear.  If your uniform does not fit, then you need to make it fit prior to Battle Assembly.  No excuses.

We will also be conducting several of our annual briefings.  Travel safe with your family members and enjoy the holidays.

November 2012

This Battle Assembly we are headed to the weapons range to qualify with our individually assigned weapons.  Get in the right mindset to shoot.  Also, team leaders and squad leaders need to have concurrent training planned.

Everyone have a safe month and we'll see you in formation.

October 2012

It's APFT time again.  Everyone get hydrated and show up ready to not just pass, but exceed the standard.  Hooah!

We will also be conducting a portion of the company level Best Warrior Competition.  Those Soldiers that will be competing should be notified by their section leadership during the month.

27 February 2012

September 2012

We will be conducting our STX at Tullahoma this month.  Some of the training events that will be conducted include pop-up M16 range, HEAT, EST 2000, VCOT, NBC, MOUT and land navigation.  We will also conduct our last Kings of the Castle events.  Those events will be Capture the Flag, NBC Last Soldier Standing, 5K Ruck March, IWQ score, M16/M249 breakdown, HMMWV Pull, and in the case of a tie-breaker the "Frisbee-can-pole-game".  Service your equipment prior to BA so you are mission ready.

August 2012

It's that competitive time of year! Kings of the Castle will be in full effect this month.  You can look forward to the 5K run, Bobcat Rally, Cornhole (beat HQ!), Tug-O-War, Swimming relay, push-up competition, and a relay race.  Be hydrated and energetic - represent your section well!

We will also be conducting PCCs and PCIs for the STX to Tullahoma next month.  Bring in all of the gear you will be taking to Tullahoma so your first line leader can make sure you are mission ready.

July 2012

We will be performing our ECT mission this month.  Show up with all of your gear and be ready to work!

June 2012

The key event this month is the Change of Command ceremony.  We will be saying goodbye to CPT Gann, who has been our commander for over 3 years.  1LT Balcinovic, currently serving as the Executive Officer for the 702nd Engineer Company, will be taking the reigns.

After the Change of Command ceremony we will have our Family Day activities.  You and your family members will be able to swim ($2 per person for the day), we will have food, and several other activities.  Bring sun screen and smiles.

We will also finalize our plans for ECT this month.  This includes conducting PCCs and PCIs, and going over the construction plans.  Bring all of your gear so your first line leader can make sure you are mission ready.

May 2012

We will be conducting the company APFT this month.  Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to get well hydrated.  Work hard at home to reach your physical fitness goals - shoot for the max, not the minimum standard.  Remember, getting a score on an event that is under the standard literally means that you are not reaching the basic levels required to be a Soldier in the United States Army.  Don't meet the standard, exceed it!

We will be cleaning and servicing our equipment used during the FTX in April.  Drivers training will be conducted, with a focus on generators, mixers, tampers, Bobcats, etc.

Those personnel going to ECT in May will be conducting their final PCCs and PCIs this month.  Bring in all of your gear to have it checked by your first line leader.

April 2012

Our primary mission for this Battle Assembly is to conduct an FTX.  Make sure you do a thorough Pre-Combat Check of all your equipment.  We will be operating tactically, so review your WTT Skill Level 1 manual to be mentally ready for the mission.

Our secondary mission will be to conduct the load out for ECT. 

03 August 2011

December 2011

The company will complete the mandatory briefings for this year during this Battle Assembly.

We will be released before lunch and will be required to return in the evening for the military ball.  Make plans to spend the time in the middle going over your uniform one last time.

We will be conducting a formal military ball.  ASU or Class A uniform will be worn during the military ball.  Be ready to look sharp.

Platoons will be conducting their own training this BA.

Drive safe and we will see you at first formation.